CPR ​​& First Aid.​


​​​Passing Grade Policy.

​Must pass all chapter tests, quizzes, practice tests and final examination of both modules: Skills and Knowledge.

Minimum passing grade: 80%


Grievance Policy.


Students that have a grievance should speak to his/her instructor as soon as possible.  If your instructor is not able to resolve your issue, you may request a formal grievance

form from any staff member at Academic Training AZ. Students should submit the completed grievance form to the program coordinator. The coordinator will contact the

student within 2 business days to discuss the grievance.  Every effort will be made by Academic Training AZ staff to resolve your grievance in a timely manner.

If Academic Training AZ is not able to resolve your grievance, you can send complaints about the school or program to:

Arizona State Board of Nursing
4747 N. 7th St #200
Phoenix, AZ 85014




If a session is cancelled by the administration department due to duress caused by natural events or by the landlord’s need to modify, expand or any other reason outside

the scope of practice of Academic Training AZ all students enrolled shall receive 100% of the tuition monies paid up to the time when cancellation took place. The time for

such refund shall not exceed 30 calendar days from the official cancellation and the refunds shall be in the same form of payment made by the student or the sponsor party.

Note: All cancellations or withdrawals require returning ALL equipment, accessories and literature materials or a total of $150.00 fee in addition to the administrative

fee if not returned.


Any enrolled student has the option to withdrawal from a class as long as it is done in writing and directly addressed to the administration department during 3 calendar

days from the initial enrollment day.

If the refund request is made in writing in less than the 3 calendar days, the amount of the refund shall be 100% minus a mandatory 25% administrative fee.
For all approved sponsored students, the administrative fee still applies.

All approved withdrawals shall be made in the same form the original payments were made and shall be refunded within 30 calendar days.

Calculation Scale for withdrawal or cancellations per time lapsed:

A. If it occurs before the first day of class.   100% with a 25% administrative fee.

B. On the first day of class.                             80% with a 25% administrative fee.

C.  2 or 3 days of class into the course.           40% with a 25% administrative fee.

D. 4 days of class into the course.                   0% refund.

A class day is equivalent to ~17% of the total time for the entire Course.
All cancellations or withdrawals will be calculated on a per minute, per hour, per day basis.
All approved refunds will be made within 30 calendar days from acceptance and/or approval from the administration department. 

​​​Effective November 11th 2017.

All transactions involving credit or debit cards will be subject to a processing fee of 9% per transaction.

This includes but is not limited to any transaction incurred directly associated to the CNA program.

i.e. partial payments, full payment, CPR costs, LNA processing application, D&S Headmaster State board exam cost, 

books, booklets, finger print roll, refunds etc.

ACADEMIC TRAINING AZ  Revised Oct 10th 2017



Caregiver Certification

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